Maria’s Books


Here is a list of Maria’s books to date.  These are all available on Amazon.  Don’t forget to give us your email address to receive updates from Maria (see sidebar).

Gig 56_kindleOutsmarted – James’ busted tooth leads him on a merry chase to hospital with his posh mum, who has to confront her own stereotyping prejudices. Will James win her over?






cover1A Fortunate Teller – Her eyes, dark and exotic, had been intensified beyond belief, and her features, already perfect in his eyes, highlighted subtly to enhance her loveliness, if that were at all possible.





Cover2PlusHappenstantial – The question now was this. Had his placing the bag on the bench been a dark signal, a psychopathic sign, a warning, maybe, that he’d deliberately left for her?






Cover2Secret Atonement – After his wife’s passing, John is consumed with despair, and for a while he languishes in self-pity. Inspiration arrives unexpectedly one day, and he finds a renewed reason for living that not only allows him to heal, but also becomes the cornerstone for rebuilding the lives of others.

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