I grew up in Scotland, have spent a few years living on a beautiful island in PNG called Bougainville, and now live in Canberra, Australia with my ever-tolerant husband, who also happens to be my proofreader!

My claim to fame is having won the Temperance Prize for Writing in high school, but that was before I discovered all the fine red wines that Australia has to offer. Does that mean I should give the prize back?

I guess I have an overactive imagination and love to weave situations I come across into captivating tales. Sneaking into the minds of my characters allows me to steal their personalities for a time, but it’s only a temporary trespass and certainly not worth reporting to the police!

Stories are to be found in every person we meet, or in situations we read about. So just be careful if you ever happen my way. You may surreptitiously be woven into a plot!